Zero Context Questions

I get a plethora of questions in Discord, and there are a few types of questions that get on my nerves. This type of question can have various forms, but usually has no context attached to it.

Asking for help without Context

  • Why does ‘x’ not work when using ‘y’?

Maybe if you provided some context about what you are writing and maybe a bit of code to go along with it, we wouldn’t have to ask you to show how you’re using it. Instead, rephrase your question to… I am using ‘x’ with ‘y’ but this code that I wrote is not working. I’ve provided the code below.

Asking for a Professional

  • Does anyone know how to ‘x’?

Instead of waiting for an answer to your first question, why not write a full question that addresses your needs? Instead, rephrase your question to… I want to know how to use ‘x’ does someone have an easy-to-understand example that uses this concept?

Asking to Ask

  • Hey, may I ask you a question?

Congratulations, you just asked your question. I now do not even want to consider responding to your question because now I have to wait not only for you to write your question… but I have to respond to wait for your question. Next time just ask your question and if you do not get an answer, seek help from someone else.

Just Posting Code

Ever seen a post where someone just posts a wall of code and then doesn’t even ask a question? These are the worst; because not only are you just expecting help, you are now a nuisance to everyone else. These questions get ignored far more than any other question.

If you post code, you better post a question and explain what you are trying to achieve and tried.

Posting without Understanding

Every once in a while I see a post from a new programmer who still hasn’t gotten the fundamentals yet. It’s blatantly obvious that they copied it from somewhere else. They simply ask, “What is wrong?” Developers frown upon these questions because it appears the user has put forth zero effort to explain or research what is wrong with their own problem. Let alone trying to understand the code they have taken.

Instead, try to break down the code you took and follow it step-by-step to get a basic understanding of what is happening.