alt:V Athena v1.0.6

Remember when I was working on that open source project called Open Source Roleplay. This is also known as O:RP. An Open Source Roleplay Framework for alt:V that was an initial attempt at getting other's and myself familiarized with the intricacies of the API built for alt:V.

That project had many flaws and issues that slowly cropped up overtime and I made sure to take mental notes of all the things that went wrong with it. I even attempted to push the server further and kept building on top of a foundationally broken game mode.

I can safely say that the few successful servers using O:RP have mostly patched foundational issues. Anyway, let's talk about what alt:V Athena actually is.

Athena will go further...

It's a fully customizable pay to access framework for alt:V. It does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the little things.

It provides a simple Discord Authorization that only requires you to open port 7790 for your server. After opening the port and authorizing through Discord it greets you with a Character Selection Screen or a Character Creation Screen depending on how many character(s) you have.

Character Selection Screen
Character Creation Screen

It comes with a permission based command system that lets server owners define what Permission Level can run what commands in-game.

Note the toggleable Voice Server built into alt:V

It even has a few built in Admin commands to assist with your world building and server management. NoClip is great to fly around in.

No Clip Camera

We also automatically synchronized the time and weather. As well as creating a simple weather pattern simulator that carefully waves itself over the GTA:V map.

Los Santos Airport Weather
Grand Senora Desert Weather
Paleto Bay

Additional Features

  • Respawn on Death
  • Nametags
  • Roleplay Commands
  • Chat Range
  • Character Editor / Sync

Check Discord for Updates and Roadmap(s)

Building a Better Framework

The goal of this framework is to seek funding from those of you who are passionate about running your own server and providing a stable and easy to use framework that can be expanded.

It may take a while to build out some of the core features for a Roleplay framework. However, after they are complete anything additional will be add-ons.

You can check out the product here:

alt:V Athena - GTA:V Roleplay Server API
Get access to the configuration files necessary to start your own Roleplay Server for GTA:V. These configuration files are used to help you set up the open-source framework that I have written called Athena. Athena is a growing Roleplay framework that will allow server developers to add their own co…

Support me on this journey to create an expandable open source roleplay framework.