Athena Roleplay Script - 1.8.2

Recently released Athena 1.8.2.

Includes quite a few new changes that vary from interfaces, quality of life differences, and bug fixes.

+ Added Interior Architecture
+ Added Basic Interior Commands for Admins
+ Added /coords command for Admins
+ Increased Build Times
+ Added Refresh / Auto Join for Scripting
+ Added Blip Route for Vehicles in Job Framework
+ Added Stack Inventory Function
+ Updated ATM Interface
+ Added Locale Support for ATM WebView
+ Added Hours Play Statistic
+ Added Hours to Character Selection Screen
+ Updated Characters Interface
+ Added Locale Support for Characters WebView
+ Updated Character Creator Interface (Big Change)
+ Added Locale Support for Creator Interface (Big Change)
+ Removed LESS library from some Interfaces
+ Added Frontend Sounds to Various Interfaces
+ Added Locales for Job Panel
+ Updated Job Panel Design Slightly
+ Updated Inventory Design
+ Added Locales for Inventory
+ Added Right-Click Pickup for Ground Items
+ Added Fancy Animations for Inventory
+ Updated Clothing Design
+ Added Locales for Clothing Interface
+ Improved Clothing Interface Responsiveness
+ Hide HUD when in Clothing Menu
+ Added Partial French Translation
+ Removed need for altv-ares submodule
+ Added New Login Screen
+ Added Locales to Login Screen
+ Added Sounds to Login Screen
+ Removed Help Menu in Top Left
+ Removed Interaction Toggle
+ Interactions Always On
+ Moved Help Text to be Object Orientated
+ Added other help text options.
+ Added Locales for Interactions.

There was quite a bit of work done on all interfaces to fix plenty of broken buttons, controls, etc.