I Wrote an eBook on RAGE:MP C#

In a series of constant need to be productive, I've put together an eBook. The eBook itself is just a basic guide to the Rage Multiplayer API. It gives just enough information on how to start developing Rage Multiplayer scripts and covers a few basic Roleplay Script examples.

You can check it out here: https://gumroad.com/products/ghCzx/

A few of the topics featured in this 87 page  eBook include:

Before You Begin

Your First Script

C# in Five Minutes

Utilizing Intellisense

Using the API

Setting up a Script

Writing Hello World

Compiling Your Script

Server Events

Server Commands

Server Functions

GetData, SetData, and HasData

Databases - MySQL & LiteDB

Adding Additional APIs at Runtime

MySQL Server Packages

Setting Up a Local Database

Database Usage in C#

Common Design Patterns

Registration & Login

Storing and Loading Vehicles

Setting and Changing Skins

Mainpulating Weather Patterns

Basic Money System

Simple Localized Chat